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May 22nd Daily Drawings - Our tree spirits #mindrawnhs #mindraw

by Brew - bike ride, veg tending, celery eating, and dreams of diving into crystal clear tropical sea

by Helen

by Helen

by Janis

by Janis

by Janis

by Janis - how she feels

by Irene

by Sue

Deer in woods, drawn with eyes closed. 'When I opened my eyes, I loved the shape of the deer, the simple form"

and a few more beings:

Deer Sue, Eagle Sue, Happy tail wagging Sue dog.....and more, all drawn with eyes closed. Lifted my spirits for the rest of the day!

Happy tail wagging Sue dog

Eagle Sue

by Sue - her tree self

'Todays tree me. I just flowed with the eyes closed visualization, and was surprised to see a happy energised tree, as this is not how I'm feeling today. '

by Jackie - how her tree self felt

by Jackie - her tree self, growing from a seed

' I am feeling more grounded! I needed to put down that tap root today'

by Jen - The breathing tree and the singing willow

by Jen - The breathing tree and the singing willow

Deer Sue

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