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May 24th Wonderful drawings today!

by Brew - I often dream that I have to play rugby but am entirely unfit to...

by Brew - I dreamt that I was homeless and went in to a lovely community centre, where they were delighted with the rare veg I brought (grown by Faith, who loves tiny things) and praised my collaging! Then I lost my brown flip flops, left the centre, met an old rugby friend with a new born baby, who wouldn't walk and talk with me because I was too slow due to the pots of lilac and white paint I was carrying.

by Irene

by Irene

by Irene

by Wanda - Dr Tressa is checking me over

by Jen - After working in the garden

by Loxy - Siesta Isolation Time

by Lilaic - So here's my 1 min drawing. It's of iced coffee. But, it's special iced coffee because my brother makes it. It's been our way of connecting and it's so sweet when he brings it to me every few days. He bought the equipment to make filter coffee and he's constantly on the internet learning coffee-related things... and this coffee actually tastes DEVINE!

So yeah! 1 min drawing, 25/05/2020

by Wojek

by Jen - Ennui at start of the day

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