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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Give yourself One Minute

& Draw it Out with Wanda Klenz

How was your day?

Find a moment

To pause and reflect

Choose something that happened today

To draw for One Minute

Pick up a pencil and paper

Or other drawing tools

To draw it out…

Make a quick sketch

Draw or scribble

To show how you feel

You might express a fear

Or joy in a scribble

Draw a simple circle like a virus

The rectangle of a bed or oval of a face

You could try closing your eyes

Draw with both hands at the same time

Beware - when you open your eyes

You may laugh

If you want to say how you feel

You could write some notes

On your drawing

Other help for front line staff in the NHS and care services in managing your own mental health and wellbeing is available here:

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